Charlotte Gainsbourg is a french actress and singer. She was born on July 21st 1971 in London, England but was raised in Paris france. She starred in numerous films, including My Wife Is an Actress (2001), The City of Your Final Destination (2008), Lemming (2005), 21 Grams (2003),The Golden Door (2006),The Science of Sleep (2006), Prête-moi ta main (2006) and I'm Not There (2007) just to name a few. The awards she won include, César Award in 1986 for "Most Promising Actress" in the movie L'effrontée and "Best Supporting Actress" in 2000 for the film La Bûche. Her music career is a bit shorter, though she did release a couple of cds, her discography is as follows: Charlotte for Ever released in 1986 and 5:55 released in 2006. Wax figure of Charlotte Gainsbourg can be found at the movieland wax museum.